By Combining traditional Eastern forms with own ideas Fanous designs lamps to fit within today's modern interior. The lamps have a surprisingly effect on your living room, hallway, ktichen, bathroom and bedroom.

The Lamps are traditionally produced in a network of small businesses in Cairo that Fanous has built over the last twenty years.This craft, which is still practiced by a small number of practitioners, are threatened with extinction. The production of this quality product is no longer profitable because a lower quality range from China is flooding the markets of Cairo. The economic crisis in conjunction with the political revolution forced practitioners to stop production and look for new sources of revenue. Many of these authentic work places eventually move on to sell the cheaper Chinese goods.

By using the production network of Fanous 
and developing a market on the internet, we see new opportunities for the preservation of this ancient art and make it possible for you to acquire these unique lamps.

The base material of the lamps is brass with a high copper content. Through oxidation or silver plating a complete different effect can be achieved. There are three possible variants per model: brass (gold), silver plated (silver) and oxidized (black).

A peek inside the process

 Shaping on a turning lathe           Motif chiseling                        Drill holes                 Silver plating or oxidizing